Contemporary Romance

Karma's Slow Burn book cover

Karma’s Slow Burn

A Sizzling Contemporary Romance about a sports journalist and a baseball pitcher turned chef. Sports writer Karma Deepika Huntington wants revenge. Rafael Henley, star pitcher for the Sliders, feels guilty. And then there’s their attraction to each other. Once they give in, all bets are off. Revenge and guilt take a back seat with sizzling …

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Mr. Go Slow Book Cover

Mr. Go Slow

She makes him forget he’s Mr. Go Slow. He makes her wish for things she never knew she wanted. Caterer and Bollywood dancer Priya is a drifter not interested in forever. Her friends are her family. Stubbornly single, she’s content to drift along the ocean of life for she does not believe in relationships. Or …

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Mr. No Commitment book cover

Mr. No Commitment

Can their tempestuous affair be re-ignited after years? Once she reveals the secret she’s hoarding, will it turn him away? The familiarity of their shared past and the thrill of a new reality clashed, clamoured and struggled for control until the heat of the present obliterated everything. He took her to new heights. Or was …

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Beguiling Julian Book cover

Beguiling Julian

JULIAN’S HER EX-GUARDIAN AND SAM HAS HAD A CRUSH ON HIM SINCE FOREVER She looks like the gorgeous, sexy Bollywood superstar she is and when the chance arrives, he grabs it. He’s going to give in to his guilt, make amends, and be a part of her life again. There he is in blue jeans …

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Enthralling Declan book cover

Enthralling Declan

DECLAN Black hair flowing behind her, in ordinary plaid shirt and denims, she’s anything but ordinary The princess is in town. And with that his fantasies come roaring back. KIARA The mountain man shot her! Once the shock wears off, the sexy cowboy with hot eyes and an even hotter bod emerges. Declan Westwood has …

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Bewitching Adam book cover

Bewitching Adam

A man alone in his torment. A woman just passing through. Passion their crutch ADAM It doesn’t take much to brighten my days. Seeing that Lady Insomnia has cut me some slack, I’m downright ecstatic. But this vision with safety pins around her neck, tats, studs in her nose and eyebrow startles me. Her summer …

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Captivating Anil book cover

Captivating Anil

Book 4 in the Wyoming Blues series! PIA I’m a chef with my own restaurant and I haven’t had a break in years. I’m in a blue funk so when my besties hook me up with this gig on a yacht, I jump on it. Pleasant days in the efficient kitchen? Check. Putting together sumptuous …

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