The Enemy Within book cover

Set in modern Quebec and spanning three decades, The Enemy Within is a memorable story of a woman caught between worlds.

Publication date: September 15, 2016

The Enemy Within


Sita has always had men in her life. But they’ve always loved her less than she did them. First, her father, a cold and distant man; then her husband. But things change when she loses her baby girl, Sita sees clearly for the first time and her heart hardens. As her children grow up, so does she. While at university her professor, Julian Brannigan falls in love with her. But Sita is very married so he keeps his secret. Then in Heidelberg, Germany, where Sita is getting her postdoctoral training in Dr. Seidel’s lab, Miguel Santiago wants to sweep her off her feet if only she’ll let him. To Sita, even a loveless marriage is sacred. Spanning three decades and set against the backdrop of modern Quebec politics, The Enemy Within is a memorable portrait of a woman caught between worlds.

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