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Although Austin is man who lacks any type of commitment, he can't seem to let Pooja out of his hands.

Mr. No Commitment


Can their tempestuous affair be re-ignited after years? Once she reveals the secret she’s hoarding, will it turn him away?

The familiarity of their shared past and the thrill of a new reality clashed, clamoured and struggled for control until the heat of the present obliterated everything. He took her to new heights. Or was her memory cheating her? His desire for her was clear in his every touch, in his every kiss. She came apart in his arms, red and gold erupting behind her lids, shattered in a way only Austin could do.

What always roiled between them was passion and desire. But this was new, this gentleness. She could reciprocate the former. But damn if she knew what to do with his gentle touches. It threw the dynamics between them out of keel.

Fiercely independent Pooja Varma is a blues singer from Bollywood country with ‘loner’ inscribed in her DNA.

Brooding and creative marketing millionaire Austin Crenshaw has successfully avoided permanent entanglements, even though he’s very much connected to his brothers and parents.

In tropical Kochi, India, with the scent of jasmine and gardenia in the air, they discover their passion for each other. For a few days, they float in the cocoon of their desires. Then they go their separate ways.

That was the plan.

A few years later, Pooja is on tour and their paths cross. This time, Austin has no intention of letting Pooja go. It doesn’t quite align with his Mr. No Commitment and no strings attached sentiments. But let her go, he can’t.

Pooja is hoarding a secret: a daughter from their tempestuous affair in Kochi. She hasn’t told him, for he’s made it abundantly clear he’s Mr. No Commitment. Once he finds out, will he stay or leave?

Follow Austin and Pooja’s passionate journey from Kochi, India to North America in Nalini Warriar’s new contemporary romance, Mr. No Commitment, Book 2 in the Crenshaw Brothers series, featuring an Indian heroine in a multicultural setting and a cast of diverse characters.

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