Mr. Go Slow Book Cover

A story of two polar-opposite fanatic pickleball players drawn together by inexplicable chemistry.

Mr. Go Slow


She makes him forget he’s Mr. Go Slow. He makes her wish for things she never knew she wanted.

Caterer and Bollywood dancer Priya is a drifter not interested in forever. Her friends are her family. Stubbornly single, she’s content to drift along the ocean of life for she does not believe in relationships. Or marriage.

VP and drone designer Dallas, the ultimate Mr. Go Slow, has a plan for his life. He wants forever. His family is who he is.

Pickleball crazies Priya and Dallas get into each other’s faces on the pickleball courts. Priya resists while Dallas persists with typical Mr. Go Slow intensity. Priya is quite willing to let her feelings for Dallas go where they lead her. Preferably nowhere. She could live without a man. Maybe. But never without pickleball. Dallas is captivated when he watches a sexy dancer in the house across his go through her Bollywood moves. From the minute the two almost lock fenders at a turtle crossing to finding out Priya’s the Bollywood dancer from his dreams, Dallas has only one goal: to make sure their paths are forever entwined and his dream world collides with reality.

Nalini Warriar returns with the first book in her sizzling new contemporary romance Crenshaw Brothers series in which two fanatic pickleball players are drawn together by inexplicable chemistry in a case of opposites attract.

“Characters have spunk and are full of energy. Lots of sizzle! Tremendously real!”-NM, Norfolk Lane Book Club

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