Enthralling Declan book cover

Follow as Declan goes after the love of his life, Kiara, amid a feud between their families that goes back generations.


Publication date: March 01, 2022

Enthralling Declan



Black hair flowing behind her, in ordinary plaid shirt and denims, she’s anything but ordinary

The princess is in town. And with that his fantasies come roaring back.


The mountain man shot her! Once the shock wears off, the sexy cowboy with hot eyes and an even hotter bod emerges.

Declan Westwood has only one goal: convince the Kapoors to sell him their land and to make Westwood Acres one humongous ranch just like his ancestor wanted. Okay, he has two goals. The second is to stay away from gorgeous Kiara Kapoor and the magical music she plays on her violin.

The feud between the Westwoods and Kapoors goes back generations. But the incendiary attraction between Declan and Kiara is off the charts and doesn’t care about traditions. Kiara is irresistible and Declan finds himself resisting his grandfather’s attempts to buy the Kapoor land. When he uncovers a secret, he has to decide if he can keep it buried and keep the feud going or expose his ancestor-and break his grandfather’s heart-and go after the love of his life.

Set in fabulous Wyoming and spectacular Rajasthan, Enthralling Declan: The Cowboy and the Princess Book 2 from the Wyoming Blues Series. A standalone romance.

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