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The love story of a beautiful chef, Pia, and a gorgeous royal, Anil, set in the Wyoming desert.


Publication date: September 01, 2022

Captivating Anil


Book 4 in the Wyoming Blues series!


  • I’m a chef with my own restaurant and I haven’t had a break in years. I’m in a blue funk so when my besties hook me up with this gig on a yacht, I jump on it.
  • Pleasant days in the efficient kitchen? Check.
  • Putting together sumptuous meals for the crew? Check.
  • Sneaking swims in the private pool under a starry sky? I’m almost there.
  • It all changes when I find a man in his birthday suit swimming in the private pool where I’m trespassing. Or rather he finds me. Turns out he’s my boss and we’re not strangers. But I’ve never seen
  • him like this: moonlight glinting off the chain and bracelet he wears, the shadow of his ink tantalizing me and his luscious behind mocking me as he walks away from me. He is a tall, dark regal
  • perfection who challenges my lax rules.
  • I can’t resist him.
  • I do not.


  • Unforgettable fiery hair rippling down her back.
  • When she turns, mesmerizing emerald eyes devour me. I’m her boss. Rules make me and I never waver from my straight path.
  • I can’t resist her.
  • do not.

The solution? A fling confined to my yacht and once it docks in the harbour, we revert to our professional types: a king without a blemish on his reputation and a captivating chef who will go back to Wyoming. I’ve never been the target of the gossip rags so when I’m caught with my hands down her knickers, I have no choice but to go on the offensive. To save my rep, I announce our engagement, which keeps her at my palace for longer than she wants, even as she digs deeper into my heart. It doesn’t matter she’s pissed at my move since she’s more than the icing on the cake that I’d like to keep nibbling on.

No more PDAs. Even if we are fake engaged. No more sleeping in the same bed. Even if we are fake engaged. For there are protocols for me to adhere to.

Spectacular Rajasthan and fabulous Wyoming collide in this Book 4 of the Wyoming Blues series about a gorgeous royal and a beautiful chef who are destined to be together. This steamy contemporary romance, no cliffhanger, is set in a fantastic palace in the desert.

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