Bewitching Adam book cover

Jaya blogs her way through America, until she stops at Silvertree Ranch, where everything changes when she meets Adam.


Publication date: June 01, 2022

Bewitching Adam


A man alone in his torment. A woman just passing through. Passion their crutch


It doesn’t take much to brighten my days. Seeing that Lady Insomnia has cut me some slack, I’m downright ecstatic. But this vision with safety pins around her neck, tats, studs in her nose and eyebrow startles me. Her summer wine and the dimpled shoulder tell me this is one of my good days. And even if I’m wary of strangers humming Summer Wine, even if she’s barely five feet-so not my type-I stop to take a sip of what she offers. I have ranching in my blood. My ranch is who I am. Still reeling from my tours in Afghanistan, I’m taking it slow. Turtle walk slow, if I listen to what my friend, Declan Westwood, says. Now the spitfire who’s my ranch hand is turning my dark days into a riot of colours, after rolling onto my property in her ridiculous tin cans. I have to keep my hands off her delectable, perfect-for-me body because she’s all wrong for me. Too Ms. Cherry Sunshine for my dark days while her touch makes me lose control.

But then why should I keep away? She’s only passing through and it’s just the kind of entanglement I prefer.


If I’d known Wyoming grew men like this, I’d have cut through here sooner. He’s a dewy tumbler of sweet and tart margarita, all six feet plus of him. Blonde locks, gorgeous violet eyes and a ripped body I’ve committed to digital memory, I stop to smell the horses. Blogging my way through America, I’ve put my education on hold to see what else I can do, much to the consternation of my parents. But at twenty-two, I have the right to chart my future. So, on a whim, I stop at the Silvertree Ranch and my life changes forever.

Book 3 in Wyoming Blues Series, Bewitching Adam, has:
A tortured rancher
A feisty heroine
A supporting cast of animals

Steamy and a HEA

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