A Time To Heal Book Cover

A seemingly happy ending love story between Sumi and Rahul, but fate deals them a card that they must overcome.


Publication date: November 06, 2020

A Time to Heal


Sumi Pillai, stubbornly single, is a successful sculptor who has sworn never to use expletives. Rahul Agarwal is a foreign correspondent for the CBC

Sumi finds her favourite curses on a map of the world where she searches for names that could sound like curses and never tires of using them in phrases. It’s a hit and miss kind of thing. Rahul’s job is who he is and he’s not really looking for a committed relationship. He’s a sipper and Sumi makes him want to stay for more than a sip.

Fate brings them together and they fall in love. They do the marriage thing with no family interference, no horoscope matching, no astrologer and definitely no on line match-making or dating services, just a man and a woman coming together and discovering they were meant for each other.

They have their first child. Fate again steps in and shows them who’s in control. This rips them apart. Sumi does what she does best: run away while Rahul believes they both need time to heal their wounds. But he also believes they were made for each other and does not give up on them.

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