The Enemy Within book cover

The Enemy Within

Sita has always had men in her life. But they’ve always loved her less than she did them. First, her father, a cold and distant man; then her husband. But things change when she loses her baby girl, Sita sees clearly for the first time and her heart hardens. As her children grow up, so …

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Fireflies in the night book cover

Fireflies in the Night

From the award winning short story writer of Blues from the Malabar Coast comes a novel about two sisters once bound by love and loyalty; a beautiful mother torn between tradition and love; a gentle and caring father who loves his girls but is caught in the middle, seduced by his wife’s sophistication. Set against …

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Karma's Slow Burn book cover

Karma’s Slow Burn

A Sizzling Contemporary Romance about a sports journalist and a baseball pitcher turned chef. Sports writer Karma Deepika Huntington wants revenge. Rafael Henley, star pitcher for the Sliders, feels guilty. And then there’s their attraction to each other. Once they give in, all bets are off. Revenge and guilt take a back seat with sizzling …

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Mr. Go Slow Book Cover

Mr. Go Slow

She makes him forget he’s Mr. Go Slow. He makes her wish for things she never knew she wanted. Caterer and Bollywood dancer Priya is a drifter not interested in forever. Her friends are her family. Stubbornly single, she’s content to drift along the ocean of life for she does not believe in relationships. Or …

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Mr. No Commitment book cover

Mr. No Commitment

Can their tempestuous affair be re-ignited after years? Once she reveals the secret she’s hoarding, will it turn him away? The familiarity of their shared past and the thrill of a new reality clashed, clamoured and struggled for control until the heat of the present obliterated everything. He took her to new heights. Or was …

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A Man of Substance book cover

A Man of Substance

A contemporary romance set in the magical cities of Kochi, India and Quebec City, Canada In Love and Marriage Series Novellas, Book 1 A Man of Substance Book 2 A Time to Heal out now Book 3 A Suitable Girl Marriage by arrangement and mutual agreement is convenient. Then what? Nimmy, a trauma surgeon, does …

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A Time To Heal Book Cover

A Time to Heal

Sumi Pillai, stubbornly single, is a successful sculptor who has sworn never to use expletives. Rahul Agarwal is a foreign correspondent for the CBC Sumi finds her favourite curses on a map of the world where she searches for names that could sound like curses and never tires of using them in phrases. It’s a …

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A Suitable Girl book cover

A Suitable Girl

A contemporary romance novella set in the unforgettable vistas of Haryana, India and Quebec City, Canada A Suitable Girl: Love After Arranged Marriage, Book 3 Love and Marriage Series, follow couples as they find their HEA. Arranged marriages have worked for cardiac surgeon Dilip Malhotra’s brothers and sisters. Why would it not work for him …

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Love and Marriage Book Set

Love And Marriage Boxed Set

Books 1-3 Love and Marriage Series all in one place. Three quick reads about traditions and happily ever afters In A Man of Substance, a neurosurgeon opts for a traditional method to get hitched, not expecting to fall for the guy; in A Time to Heal, tragedy tears young lovers apart who discover they’re made …

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